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Chinchilla Care: How To Do It Properly

Author: Mohd
Chinchillas are members of a gnawer species who is now one of the most known exotic pets. Their playful nature and unique personalities have won the hearts of pet owners everywhere. But before they became popular to be exotic pets, they were previously known for their fur. Chinchilla fur is regarded as one of the softest pelts in the animal kingdom, averaging between 50 and 60 hairs per follicle. Compare that to humans, who have only one hair per follicle. The truth is that, chinchilla fur is very thick looking that fleas suffocate if is trying to tunnel below. Chinchilla fur was a favorite choice for coats, and it takes about 80 to 100 chinchillas just to make one coat. Because of this, chinchillas were closely hunted to extinction by the 20th century.

Wild chinchilla have gray coat in color, but due to continuous breeding ends up to produce an offspring to additional colors among domestic chinchilla as pets. You can now own a chinchilla with white, violet, black velvet, brown velvet and Panda colors. In the first place, chinchillas still have the same fur structure. That’s why they need to be tend based on their wildly behavior. Chinchillas in the wild clean their fur via wheeling round in a volcanic ash. Because this helps them to eradicate any wet or dead skin that might have gathered in their coat. It’s important to keep the fur dry because chinchilla fur does not have any guard hairs. Wet fur can lead to fungus ringworm, a relative of athlete’s foot. Domesticated chinchillas should be allowed to bathe in a dust bath several times a week. But be cautious of doing it more often, because it may extend to dryness for their skin.

Wild chinchillas settle in large colonies with many other chinchillas. Though it’s complex to multiply such enormous living conditions in captivity, it is possible to keep several chinchillas together as long as they are of the same sex. You could also hold a one male with one or more females, but you’ll wish to avoid having more than one male in with females since this usually head to conflict among the males. You must need to be careful about the measure of spot you present – because if chinchillas experience too crowded, they’ll become territorial and you could well close up with some dangerous combat.

Chinchillas will take a particular dieting since their digestive system has evolved over the centuries for the hilly areas where they mostly inhabit. Hay is a vital part of their dieting and has to be readily usable anytime. Chinchilla food has to be provided as well, and almost pet stores now carry this. Surely, chinchillas enjoy a good process as well – and the casual clean dandelion leaves rose hips, or sugar-free cheerios are at all times well received. Be reliable with the treats though – chinchillas are very sensitive to sugar and may produce diabetes if they receive too much.

Keep the treats to once a day at most. You’ll need to provide water as well, and like most rodents, you should have a water bottle preferably than a bowl. As bowls tend to become dirty very rapidly, that lead to algae increase. And there’s always the subject of wet chinchilla fur.

A healthy chinchilla is an amazing friend – they are endearingly precious, superbly soft and overflowing with personality. Their antics as they climb and explore can entertain even the hardest heart. Despite the periodic coating of dust that may interpenetrate the space, they are easy to care for and even easier to love.

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